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My Thought Unspoken: February 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Koleksi Karangan Lucu Budak-Budak Sekolah

Pejam celik..pejam celik.. kita dah berada di tahun 2012.. tanpa sedar aku tersengih bila melihat gelagat bebudak sekolah rendah.. bebudak ni memang banyak ragam..ada yang menangis x mahu masuk kelas bila ibubapa hantar pergi sekolah, ada pula yang nak tarik ibu masuk ke kelas.nak ajak ibu duduk temankan tyme cikgu mengajar.haha.. aku juga pernah melalui situasi yang sama..

Mari kita baca koleksi karangan lucu bebudak sekolah.. karangan-karangan lucu ni aku terjumpa kat google.. memang tak dapat nak tahan ketawa..jom terjah entry kali ini..

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

10 cara mudah nak kempiskan perut.

  1. Joging 30 minit sekali  dalam seminggu lakukan sebanyak tiga kali.
  2. Kurangkan pengambilan gula anda dalam sehari.
  3. Belilah mana-mana CD exercise yang ada di pasaran. Ikut la senaman yang ada kat dalam CD tu.
  4. Lebihkan untuk memakan makanan seperti sayur-sayuran dan juga buah-buhan.
  5. Lebihkan untuk meminum susu tanpa lemak berbanding susu biasa . nak tahu susu tu ada lemak atau tanpa lemak, selalunya boleh tengok kat label dia.
  6. Makan 3 jam sebelum anda tidur. Elakkan makan kemudian tidur.
  7. Lakukan sedikit sit-up.
  8.  Makan banyak kali dalam kuantiti sedikit lebih baik berbanding makan dalam kuantiti banyak dalam sekali sesi.
  9. Minum 6 hingga 8 gelas air sehari. Ia membantu juga dalam proses pencernaan. Jangan percaya dengan mitos minum banyak air, perut kembung dan akan menyebabkan boroi.
  10. Bersederhana dalam mengawal diet makanan anda, mungkin anda boleh makan makanan kesukaan anda sekali dalam 2 minggu. Ini kerana, jika anda terlalu mengawal pemakanan anda, tidak mustahil anda akan kembali kepada habit makanan anda yg sebelum ini.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Zealous!

I just read this article by Pastor Doug Batchelor..and I would like to share it with all of my Christian readers.. This is a very powerful article.There is so much to learn from it and to help you in your walk with God. Every christian should read this article, it would help us to have more passion about the gospel.And help us in being more enthusiastic about the kingdom of God.

An Amazing Fact: 
Booker T. Washington, author of Up From Slavery, once travelled 1,000 miles one way by train to Atlanta to speak to a predominately white audience for only five minutes. He even paid his own fare. Why? Because he felt so passionately about breaking down racial barriers following the Civil War.
“Be … fervent in spirit.” —Romans 12:10, 11
Be zealous for God.
The early church of Acts 2:42 certainly was. Their holy zeal resulted in adding to their numbers daily. From their fervent preaching and heartfelt service, the early church exploded with new believers.
Have you ever longed for that same experience? Have you ever desired to have the love for outreach and the zeal they had at Pentecost? Well, the Lord desires it for you too!
Zeal is defined as the “enthusiastic devotion to a cause, an ideal or a goal; and tireless diligence in its furtherance.” In Galatians 4:18, Paul says it is always good to be zealous for a good thing, and Jesus said nothing is more good than God (Mark 10:18).
But Paul also says it’s possible to have misguided enthusiasm. “For I bear them witness that they have a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge” (Romans 10:2 NKJV).
He speaks from experience. Paul was the one zealously murdering Christians in the name of God! And there’s no denying the zeal of the Islamic fundamentalist who is willing to strap his body with explosives and blow up innocent people. He is certainly zealous … but for a terrible thing. God wants us to be zealous about a good thing.
What Happened to the Enthusiasm?
The word “enthusiasm” comes from a composite of two Greek words, en and theos. That means “in God.” Enthusiasm really means “God in you.” Originally, they said a person who was enthusiastic was “full of God.” Christians should be the most enthusiastic people in the world, but it doesn’t seem we are 2,000 years after Christ gave us the Great Commission.
An old book called Evangelism featured the results of a survey regarding a mainline church’s membership list. They discovered the following about the people on this list …
  • 10 percent couldn’t be found
  • 20 percent never prayed
  • 25 percent never read the Bible
  • 30 percent never attended services
  • 40 percent never donated to the church
  • 50 percent never went to Sunday School
  • 80 percent never attended prayer meeting
  • 90 percent never had family worship
  • 95 percent never won a soul to Christ
… yet somehow, 100 percent planned on going to heaven.
It’s not much different now. If anything, it might be worse. Generally speaking, Christian churches today are dangerously apathetic about their faith, and they are certainly a far cry from the zealous early church of Pentecost.
Everyone Is Zealous About Something
All people have an innate desire to be passionate. I’m not talking about romantic passion, but rather a passion for life and a desire for purpose. Even if we can’t have it in our own life, we find it elsewhere. This is why reality TV is so popular. If someone doesn’t have an exciting life, he or she can live vicariously through someone who does. Hollywood takes their cameras into exciting situations so that by watching, we can forget the drabness of our own lives. The passion we should have for the kingdom of God becomes replaced by passion for earthly things.
People also get excited about sports. They’ll shout until they’re hoarse. They’ll go watch a game in a blizzard. Other people will stand in line for hours, sometimes all day, for tickets to a movie or a concert. These fans are excited and passionate, or they would never spend their time and money this way.
My message is that Christians should be much more passionate about the kingdom of God!
The great prophets of God were zealous for Him. Elijah said, “I have been very zealous for the Lord God of hosts” (1 Kings 19:10 NKJV). King Jehu said, “Come with me, and see my zeal for the Lord” (2 Kings 10:16 NKJV).
Are you zealous for God … or something else?
Charles Schwab once said, “You can succeed in almost anything for which you have unlimited enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson added, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
God wants enthusiastic workers. “Whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward” (Colossians 3:23, 24 NKJV).
So much of what we do for God is half-hearted, but He wants all of our hearts. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, [and] with all your soul” (Deuteronomy 6:5 NKJV; see also 1 Samuel 12:24). Indeed, when we consider all the great things God has done for us, how can we not be zealous for Him?
All of Your Heart
“You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13 NKJV).
What does God want from you? Not much, just all your heart. He wants only what’s best for you, and He knows you’ll never be completely happy until you give Him all of your heart. If you only give Him part of your heart, you’ll never be completely satisfied.
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart” (Proverbs 3:5 NKJV). Christianity is a whole-hearted religion. God wants us to be zealous about what we believe and to have a worthy purpose for living.
Being zealous also has a direct bearing on our witnessing success. You can’t kindle a fire in somebody else’s heart until you have one in your own. The church in North America is, for the most part, stagnant. We truly are the lukewarm Laodicean church, but if we were more excited, I believe we’d start growing. And the North American churches that are growing are the ones full of carbonated Christians. Having the truth is not enough; we need to be effervescent about it!
It reminds me of Elihu, in the book of Job, who felt he would explode if he did not share what was on his heart. “For I am full of words; The spirit within me compels me. Indeed my belly is like wine that has no vent; It is ready to burst like new wineskins. I will speak, that I may find relief; I must open my lips and answer” (Job 32:18–20 NKJV).
I once heard about an insurance salesman who was making his rounds at a high-rise office building. He looked out one of the windows on the 20th floor and saw some window washers. He wrote a note on some paper and held it up to the glass. It said, “Do you guys have life insurance?” They both looked at each other and shook their heads, “No.” Then he wrote another note, saying, “You guys really ought to have life insurance working out there.” They smiled and jokingly waved at him to join them out on their washing platform so they could talk about it. To their surprise, the salesman made his way to the roof and lowered himself with some cables down to the scaffold. They were so impressed by his zeal, one of them bought $50,000 worth of life insurance.
That’s how a Christian ought to be about sharing their faith. The salesman had zeal for earthly life insurance; how much more fervent should we be about taking risks to deliver eternal life insurance?
Ultimately, the people in our lives will value what we value. Zeal is contagious. If we are apathetic about our relationship with Jesus, then people will be apathetic about our Jesus. If we are enthusiastic, people will want what we have. There is nothing more important than Jesus.
Zealous Prayers
We might need to start with our prayers. “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” (James 5:16 NKJV). The Bible often talks about these fervent prayers. Fervor means ardent, warmhearted enthusiasm with intensity of emotion. So often when we talk to God, it sounds like we’re reciting a recipe for cabbage soup or something that we’ve narrated to Him many times before. It’s all from memory, and there’s no fresh passion.
You can quickly tell how two people feel about each other by the way they talk. You often know when two people are in love by the tender way they talk to one another. In an office setting, you can tell if somebody is on a business call or a personal call by the sound of his or her voice. There’s a different tone when speaking to a spouse than when speaking to a client; still friendly, yes, but very different.
When we talk to God, there ought to be fondness there. When Hannah prayed, she spoke with so much heart that Eli the priest thought she was drunk. I’m not advocating that we look intoxicated, but who can deny she was praying with passion? She rocked back and forth, her lips moving constantly, praying with all her heart. Many Jews emulate this fervency at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem because they believe it’s irreverent to look like you’re indifferent when you’re praying at the holiest place in the world. They rock back and forth, even if only mechanically, to at least look awake. And when Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane, He prayed with such earnestness that He perspired blood.
No Easy Formula
Now, nobody can order you to be enthusiastic or command you to be zealous. If someone tells you to be sad, that won’t make you sad. You can fake it, but you won’t really be sad just because you were told to be so. But what if your doctor says you have cancer? That could make you sad.
Nobody can order you to be happy either. There was a song from the 80s called “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Do you think anyone ever got happy from that song? Maybe they did. But if your doctor says you have cancer, could he then say, “Don’t worry, be happy,” and you’d be happy? Probably not! But what if he said, “Don’t worry, we have a simple cure.” That could definitely make you happy.
You can’t be commanded to feel something. “Be happy” doesn’t work as a commandment. But if someone hands you a $10,000 check and says, “Be happy,” you have a good reason. The words were even unnecessary! You’d probably be happy without being told to be so.
This is an important principle. The biggest corporations in the world realize that if their workers are not enthusiastic about their product, they’ll do poorly. So these companies bring in expensive motivational speakers to get their staff enthusiastic about their goals and products. Taco Bell wants their employees to feel good about burritos or tacos or whatever because it’s bad for morale and profits if you’re not excited about what you’re doing or don’t know why you’re doing it.
Football coaches are usually really good at this. They’ll often give a half-time pep talk to their teams when they’re losing. The best coaches might not know all of the strategies and tactics required to win, but they do know how to motivate their players to come out of that locker room with a zeal to be victorious, to play the second half with great passion and win the game.
Some of the most successful Christians are the ones who know how to get a pep talk from the Word of God. They let the Holy Spirit inspire 
them. Indeed, there is inherent power in the Word where He says, “Be zealous.” Consider this your half-time pep talk!
Never a Better Time Than Now
Jesus says in Revelation 3:15, after speaking about the condition of the church being lukewarm, “I know your works, that you are neither hot nor cold” (NKJV). There’s no zeal in this Laodicean church. “So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth” (v. 16).
How important is it for us to get excited about God? What does the Lord say is going to happen to those who are indifferent about God? They’ll be spewed out of His mouth. He goes on to say, “Therefore be zealous and repent” (v. 19).
Jesus is not being condemning here. Whenever you see the word “be” in the Bible, it has intrinsic power. When God said, “Let there be light,” there was light. When Jesus said to the leper, “Be clean,” he was clean. And when God says, “Be zealous,” there is inherent strength within those words for you to be what He’s telling you to be.
Isn’t it worth it? Does He deserve our enthusiasm? Can you think of anything that is more meritorious of our zeal than God? Being filled with the Spirit, living forever, seeing people’s lives changed, filled with peace and joy, transformed from the addictions of sin and liberated—what’s worth more than these things? Nothing else measures up.
As Alexander the Great was conquering Persia, a sheik brought the Greek king three large dogs as a gift. He told Alexander they were the most courageous dogs in the world, his favorites. He said Alexander would never find dogs with more heart. After the sheik left, Alexander wanted to test the dogs for their hunting ability. He had a rabbit brought within the city walls and released it right in front of the dogs, but the canines just lay there by his throne and yawned. Alexander thought they might need something different, so his men captured and brought in a fox. The dogs raised their ears in curiosity but never even barked. Finally, they brought in a stag and, again, the dogs just yawned, rolled over, and went to sleep. Furious, Alexander said, “Oh, that sheik spoke grand words about his dogs, that they were courageous and brave. They’re worthless gifts. Kill them. I don’t want them around me.” All three dogs were executed. When the Persian leader came back, he asked, “Well, what did you think of my dogs?”
Alexander answered, “I had them killed. They were worthless. I brought out a rabbit, a fox, and a stag—and they didn’t even move.”
The Persian replied, “Alexander, you’re a brave king, but sometimes you’re foolish. You showed them a rabbit and a fox and a deer. Of course they didn’t move. But if you had brought in a bear or a lion or a tiger, you would have seen their bravery. You didn’t give them any prey worthy of their brave hearts; you didn’t give them anything to fight for.”
Some people lack passion because they need a cause deserving of their devotion. What cause in the world is more worthy of our enthusiasm than the life-saving gospel? And to serve a God that loves us so much, He sacrificed His Son to save us from sin and give us eternal life?
Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Until a man finds a cause for which he’s willing to die, he is not fit to live.” Jesus found a cause He thought was important enough to die for: you. He is zealous for you to be saved and to live for eternity with Him.
So be zealous for Him.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Tujuh Keajaiban Dunia Purba

Berikut disenaraikan hasil binaan yang digelarkan tujuh keajaiban mengikut tarikh binaan:
Piramid Agung Giza2650-2500 SMMesirmasih wujudN/A
Taman Tergantung Babylon600 SMBabyloniaselepas abad pertama SMgempa bumi
Kuil Artemis di Ephesus550 SMLydiaParsiYunani Purba356 SMterbakar
Berhala Zeus di Olympia435 SMYunani purbaantara abad ke-5 dan ke-6 Mterbakar
Makam Maussollos di Halicarnassus351 SMParsiYunani Purbasebelum 1494 Mgempa bumi
Patung Raksasa Rhodes292-280 SMYunani Hellenistik224 SMgempa bumi
Rumah Api Iskandariahabad ke-3 SMMesir Hellenistik1303-1480 Mgempa bumi
Senarai asal Antipater mempunyai Pintu Gerbang Ishtar dan bukan Rumah Api Iskandariah. Perubahan kepada senarai di atas berlaku pada abad ke-6 Masihi. Dari senarai tersebut, hanya satu sahaja yang masih bertahan dan wujud hingga kini iaitu binaan yang paling lama — Piramid Giza. Yang menariknya, dua dari keajaiban itu iaitu Kuil Artemis dan Berhala Zeus musnah dimamah api manakala tiga yang lain iaitu Rumah Api Iskandariah, Patung Raksasa Rhodes dan Makam Maussollos telah musnah akibat gempa bumi. Manakala kewujudan Taman Tergantung Babylon masih belum dapat dipastikan dengan jelas.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nick Vujicic Remaja Australia Terbaik 1990

DILAHIRKAN tanpa kaki dan tangan bukan penghalang kepada Nick Vujicic untuk menikmati hidup seperti insan lain yang normal. Sesiapapun mampu berjaya dalam hidup jika disertai dengan kegigihan..

Tampa Tangan Dan kaki
Lelaki berusia 26 tahun ini hanya mempunyai badan. Apa yang menakjubkan dalam keadaan tanpa anggota tangan dan kaki dia mampu bermain bola sepak, golf, berenang dan meluncur ombak.
Untuk membolehkan dia menyeimbangkan badan dan menyepak, Nick bergantung kepada kakinya yang kecil.
Kaki itu juga digunakan untuk menaip, menulis dengan pen dan mengangkat benda yang diperlukan.
“Saya panggilnya paha ayam,” kata Nick berseloroh.
Dia dilahirkan di Melbourne, Australia, tetapi kini menetap di Los Angeles, Amerika Syarikat.
“Saya mungkin tidak boleh hidup tanpanya (merujuk kepada kakinya yang kecil).
“Apabila berada dalam air saya mampu terapung kerana 80 peratus daripada badan saya ialah paru-paru. Kaki kecil saya ini bertindak sebagai kipas untuk menggerakkan badan,” katanya.
Walaupun tidak bertangan dan kaki, Nick tetap mempunyai teman wanita. Tetapi disebabkan pegangan kepada ajaran Kristian Evangelical, Nick mahu kekal teruna sehingga berkahwin.
Menurut kawannya di Los Angeles, Steve Appel, Nick sentiasa dilamar oleh wanita untuk berkahwin.
“Dia mahu berkahwin dan mempunyai keluarga tetapi dia masih menunggu gadis yang sesuai,” kata Steve.
Walaupun Nick kini mendapat perhatian di seluruh dunia, namun perjalanan hidupnya cukup sukar.
Ketika dilahirkan, bapanya terkejut sampai termuntah lalu meninggalkan bilik hospital.
Malahnya ibu sendiri sukar menerima hakikat itu dan tidak mampu memaksa diri untuk memegang atau memangku Nick sehingga dia berusia empat bulan.
Tidak ada penjelasan perubatan untuk menerangkan kecacatan yang dialaminya – kejadian yang jarang-jarang berlaku di panggil Phocomelia. Selama bertahun Nick serta ibu bapanya mempersoalkan kenapa perkara kejam itu berlaku pada mereka.
“Ibu saya seorang jururawat dan dia telah melakukan segala-galanya dengan betul sewaktu mengandung, tetapi dia tetap menyalahkan dirinya.
“Ia terlalu sukar untuk mereka tetapi sejak dari awal lagi mereka melakukan yang terbaik untuk memastikan saya mampu berdikari.
“Bapa saya memasukkan saya ke dalam air ketika usia 18 bulan dan bagi semangat untuk saya berenang.
“Saya juga sangat suka bola sepak dan suka sangat dengan Liga Perdana England (EPL),” jelas Nick.
Bapa Nick adalah seorang pengaturcara komputer dan akauntan. Dia yang mengajar anak kecilnya itu menaip menggunakan ibu jari ketika berusia enam tahun.
Ibunya turut mencipta alat daripada plastik untuk membolehkannya memegang pen menulis.
Walaupun berhadapan dengan risiko untuk dibuli, ibu bapanya tetap menghantar Nick ke sekolah biasa dan bukannya ke sekolah khas.
“Itu merupakan keputusan terbaik yang mereka buat untuk saya. Ia sangat sukar tetapi membentuk saya untuk berdikari,” kata Nick.
Dia berjaya mendapat ijazah sarjana muda dalam Perancangan Kewangan dan Hartanah.
Nick yang sering menjadi mangsa buli di sekolah, kini menggunakan kerusi roda elektrik untuk bergerak. Dia juga mempunyai pasukan untuk membantu kerjayanya.
“Ketika berusia lapan tahun, saya sangat tertekan. Saya pergi kepada ibu menangis dan memberitahu saya mahu bunuh diri.
“Saya rasa kecewa dan geram. Saya benci kepada tuhan kerana melakukan ini kepada saya. Saya ngeri memikirkan apa akan berlaku jika ibu bapa saya tiada lagi untuk menjaga saya.
“Mungkin saya boleh menggosok gigi dengan berus gigi yang dilekatkan pada dinding dan membasuh rambut dengan bekas syampu menggunakan pam. Tetapi terdapat terlalu banyak benda yang mustahil untuk saya lakukan,” katanya.
Pada usia 10 tahun, Nick cuba melemaskan dirinya tetapi cubaan itu tidak berjaya.
“Saya rasa tidak ada gunanya jika kita rasa tidak berguna dan tidak ada kekuatan, sukar untuk bertahan,” katanya.
Tetapi dengan bantuan pegangan agama, kawan-kawan dan keluarga, Nick berjaya melalui segala cabaran dan menjadi simbol antarabangsa dalam kejayaan hidup insan
Peminat sukan bola sepak itu kini merupakan penceramah motivasi dan telah mengembara ke 24 buah negara dan telah bercakap kepada 110,000 orang.
“Pada usia 13 tahun saya membaca artikel dalam surat khabar tentang lelaki kurang upaya yang berjaya mencapai pelbagai kejayaan hebat dalam hidup dan membantu orang lain,” ujarnya yang juga mampu bermain golf dengan meletakkan kayu golf di bawah dagunya.
“Saya sedar tuhan menjadikan kita seperti ini – untuk memberi harapan kepada orang lain. Ia sangat memberi inspirasi kepada saya dan memutuskan untuk menggunakan hidup saya untuk memberi harapan kepada orang lain, seperti mana yang saya dapat dari artikel itu.
“Saya memutuskan untuk bersyukur dengan apa yang saya ada, bukan merasa marah tentang apa saya tidak miliki.
“Saya melihat diri sendiri dalam cermin dan berkata: Dunia betul bahawa saya tidak mempunyai tangan dan kaki tetapi mereka tidak boleh mengambil kecantikan pada mata saya.
“Saya tumpukan pada perkara baik yang saya ada,” jelasnya.
Pada tahun 1990 Nick dianugerahkan Remaja Australia Terbaik kerana ketabahan dan keberaniannya.
“Apabila kanak-kanak berlari kepada saya dan bertanya: “Apa yang berlaku?’ Saya hanya membisik ‘rokok’, dia ketawa.
“Ada sekali ketika saya dalam kereta, ketika di lampu isyarat seorang budak perempuan melihat saya satu macam. Dia hanya dapat lihat kepala saya, jadi saya memutuskan untuk membalikkan badan 360 darjah dalam kereta untuk takutkannya.
“Mukanya pucat seperti bertanya apa yang berlaku, dan terus berlalu,” ujar Nick
Nick mula menjelajah dunia pada 2008. Dia pergi ke Hawaii dan menghabis masa dengan pakar luncur ombak Bethany Hamilton, yang hilang sebelah tangan akibat digigit jerung ketika berusia 12 tahun.
Menurut Nick, Bethany amat mengagumkan. Dia mengajar Nick meluncur ombak. “Agak menakutkan pada mulanya, tetapi apabila sudah cuba saya rasa cukup hebat,” katanya.
Malah dia mampu melakukan pusingan 360 darjah di atas papan luncurnya – sesuatu yang tidak pernah dilakukan oleh peluncur lain.
“Saya mempunyai pusat graviti yang rendah jadi saya memiliki keseimbangan yang agak baik,” jelasnya.
Dia pindah ke Los Angeles dua tahun lalu dan merancang untuk terus menjelajah dunia. Tahun ini Nick merancang untuk melawat Amerika Selatan dan Asia Barat.
“Saya memberitahu setiap orang untuk terus bangun apabila mereka jatuh dan selalu sayangkan diri sendiri.
“Bagi saya, jika saya boleh memberikan galakan kepada seorang sahaja pun, maka kerja saya dalam hidup ini sudah selesai,” katanya.

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