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My Thought Unspoken: STORY 2 : HAPPY SABBATH DAY

Monday, July 2, 2012


God Told His people to pick up only enough manna for one day. Some of the people did not obey God.They said, "We don't want to get up so early. The manna is all gone when the sun is hot. We will pick up manna for two days. Then we can have a long sleep in the morning."

So they picked up enough manna for two days. But the next morning there was a very bad smell in their tents.The extra manna had spoiled and they had to throw it away.

God told the people another thing about the manna. He said that on the day before the seventh day,they should pick up enough manna. Then they would not have to pick up manna on the Sabbath,the rest day. Again there were people who did not obey God. They said,"Remember how the food spoiled when we picked up twice as much? We will not pick up extra manna on the day before the Sabbath." 
And they did not ! They laugh at the people who were obeying God.

But when Sabbath came there was no manna on the ground.They looked and looked, but there was none! The extra manna did not spoil for the people who obeyed God.It wassweet and delicious. So the families of the people who did not obey,were hungry that Sabbath day.

When God created the earth, He made it in six days. Then He rested on seventh day, the Sabbath. He made the day special. When He made the first people, Adam and Eve, God came down to visit them on the seventh day.

This day was to be a day that God's people would remember Him. They would have time to look at the beauiful things God had made. They could go to church to sing and pray to Him. They would have time to read Bible stories and go for walks. God wants us to love the special day He has given to us.


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