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My Thought Unspoken: STORY 3 : WATER BRINGS TRUST

Monday, July 2, 2012


     The cloud led the people on and on. It was very hot. Then the cloud stopped and it was time to rest.The people of Israel were tired and thirsty. They wanted to drink and cook food and have a bath. But there was no water in this place. Even though God had been very good to the people. They did not trust Him to help. They did not pray to him. "I wish we were in Egypt," someone said. "Moses is not a good leader."
"Give us water. Give us water," the people shouted. Moses felt sad,but he knew what to do. God was the leader. So Moses prayed to God. God told him what to do.
"Moses tahe your rod. Call the leaders of the people. Then go to a big rock on Mount Sinai. I will be with you there.Take your rod and hit the rock. I will send water from the rock."
Moses did what God said. Water came pouring out of the rock. Down the side of the mountain it came and into the place where the Israelites had their tents. There was water for everyone.
The people were happy again. But would they ever learn to trust God? Would they learn to pray to Him when trouble came? 


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