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My Thought Unspoken: The Oprah Show HD - Clayton Moss, a boy who was chained up and tortured ...

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Oprah Show HD - Clayton Moss, a boy who was chained up and tortured ...

This is a very sad story about Clayton Moss who was tortured by his own family who supposed to love and protect him. He was locked by his father and stepmother in a bathroom closet at age 6. Clayton's tiny body wrapped in a wire fence and bound by chains like an animal. This is an eye opening story. I keep on thinking.Why do people have kids if they are not going to take care of their kids like normal parents? I can't stop crying watching his video on YouTube.
. He was a very tired and sick looking little boy.

Clayton's was locked inside a bathroom closet 2 by 2 feet wide..His body was wrapped in a wire fence for hours and even days.
This is not the only nightmare to this cute little boy.His biological  father, Joseph  pee on him and his stepmother, Carmen rubbing Clayton's own  faeces in his face and sometimes it goes into his mouth. Poor little boy..They did not gave him any food or drinks. Sometimes he will only eat paper bags because real hungry. However, his 14 years old stepsister is kind. When Joseph and Carmen left the house, she fed him with cereal and sometimes rubbed a lotion on Clayton's skin.

After locked in a bathroom closet for a month, Clayton's was saved by Sheriff Tod Pate. To this day, Pate still has the note that this little boy wrote to him over 10 years ago when he was rescued.The note says :

"Dear Tod: You are nice. From Clayton" 

Just a simple note. But it means a lot. Clayton's says Sheriff Pate had a big impact in his life. He also want to become a police officer so he can help other people who can't defend themselves just like him. Patti, Clayton's biological mother's aunt adopted him after the abused.

Now Clayton Moss is a 20 years old  motivational speakers.His missions is to held children, teens and adults to be a better person everyday.

Feel free to visit Clayton Moss websites on ClaytonSpeaks. I hope his story can open our hearts to stop Child abuse..May god bless this tough young man!

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